Investing in Scandinavian life science

Our mission is to enable Scandinavian scientists and entrepreneurs to build the companies that solve the world’s most important problems.

With leading academic life sciences and medical institutions in the region, Cardeon creates fundamental medical technology, diagnostic tools and biotech companies built on science.

Through Cardeon’s unique venture platform, we put scientists together with experienced entrepreneurs and capital, to turn local innovations into global impact, Scandinavian concepts into international companies.

Developing world class innovations in life-saving therapies and diagnostic tools

Channeling capital to Scandinavian life science ventures

Creating a channel to make financing available for early-stage Scandinavian life science ventures, both seed capital and continued private and public venture funding.

Developing innovations into products

Network of medical technology research and development experts in various technical and medical fields that can assist the creativity and development of the therapies and tools.

Supporting with corporate functions

Supporting the ventures with shared resources in finance, business development, IT, marketing and administration allowing management to focus on product development.

Cardeon normally takes a lead-investor role to enable active ownership

Cardeon believes active ownership is core to a successful investment portfolio. To that end, Cardeon takes lead-investor roles with early-mid stage companies to directly contribute to their ongoing plans and activities, including:


Strengthening the company with advisory assistance, board development, operational staff and advisors.

Product building

Converting early research into market identification and innovative commercial products.

Potential partners

Introducing potential collaboration partners.


Structuring the company for further external capitalization.


Assisting with access and advice on entry to international markets, particularly the U.S.


Advising on IPO approach and timing.

Cardeon supports the ventures in their most critical corporate development steps


Cardeon normally wants a controlling ownership share and provide the company with initial working capital.


Setting the operational structure of the venture, optimizing it for medical technology development and further capitalization.

Initial public

Cardeon intends to list the ventures at an early stage to broaden the shareholder base, raise funds and create liquidity for seed investors.


The intention is normally to hand over the lead-investor role once product commercialization is about to commence.