Board of Directors

Tomas Kramar


Tomas has a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from Lund University. He has over 40 years of experience from the life science industry and has previously worked as CEO of Siemens Healthineers, as well as CEO of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. Tomas has also worked at Abbott Laboratories, Becton Dickinson and Hoffmann La Roche. Tomas is chairman of Kramar Group AB and the Percy Falk Cancer Foundation. He is also a board member of Nanologica AB, Gentian A / S, Corsmed AB, Lundonia Biotech AB and CytaCoat AB.

Masoud Khayyami


Masoud has a PhD in technical chemistry and has solid experience from research in medical technology and biotechnology. He has previously been both CEO and board member of SpectraCure AB. Masoud has entrepreneurial experience in companies such as Lumito AB, Gasporox AB and Prolight Diagnostics AB.

Ulf Bladin


Bachelor of Medicine from Karolinska Institutet, Master of Business Administration and Master’s from the Stockholm School of Economics. Currently CEO of Prolight Diagnostics (publ.). Has previously been General Manager, Vice President of the EMEA region at Hycor Biomedical, Vice President Commercial Operations Europe at Thermo Fisher Scientific Immuno Diagnostics Division, Vice President with Global Responsibility for Marketing, Health Economy, Corporate Communications, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at Phadia AB. Ulf Bladin has also held leading commercial positions in the pharmaceutical industry at Pfizer and Merck Sharp & Dhome.
Ulf is currently CEO and board member of Prolight Diagnostics AB (publ.), Board member of SpectraCure AB (publ.), SPCIN AB and UB Management Invest AB.

Thomas Jensen


Thomas Jensen is a pure researcher as a worker in oncology. He is the founder of a US Nasdaq-listed medtech oncology company. Thomas has also been very active with capital raising, investor relations, commercialization and IPOs in Denmark, Sweden and the USA. Thomas also currently serves as board member of Allarity Therapeutics, a clinical-stage precision medicine company publicly traded on the NASDAQ