Exit during fall 2021

NanoEcho is attempting to fill a void in the current rectal cancer care. In fact, there are currently no good methods available, in preoperative evaluation, to detect cancer, spread to the lymph nodes, which is an important marker for the cancer’s progression. The majority of patients diagnosed with rectal cancer in early stages are recommended to undergo extensive surgery with high risk of complications in combination with radiation therapy. Most patients have to use ostomy bags after the surgery, and they usually suffer from leakages, infections and other complications, with considerable effects on their quality of life. It has also been shown that many patients undergo excessive surgery.

Exit during spring 2021

Elicera Therapeutics AB is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company developing next generation cell and gene therapies for immune-based cancer treatments.

The company develops four drug candidates, two of which are in the field of oncolytic viruses and two in the field of CAR T-cell therapies, in addition to a platform technology called iTANK (ImmunoTherapies Activated with Nap for efficient Killing) for further immune enhancement of treatments in said fields.