Sune and Katarina Svanberg new Senior Partners in Cardeon

04 Mar, 2020

In a further step to strengthen and expand the company’s board, advisory board and management, Cardeon can now proudly present the professors Sune and Katarina Svanberg as Senior Partners in the company.

– We are proud to welcome Katrina and Sune. It’s a great credit to us to have such established and recognised people join Cardeon says CEO Roger Jensen.

Sune Svanberg is a senior professor of physics at Lund University. He has been director of the Department of Nuclear Physics for 30 years and of the Lund Laser Center for 15 years, and member of the Nobel Committee in Physics for 10 years. Sune has been awarded around 20 international and national awards and holds five honorary doctorates and four honorary professorships. Since 2011, Sune also holds a part-time professorship at South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China.

Katarina Svanberg is M.D., PhD and has long been a consultant and adjunct professor of oncology at Lund University. She has been a part-time professor since 2011 at South China Normal University in Guangzhou, China. Katarina has introduced photodynamic tumor therapy in clinical use at Lund University Hospital. She has received the American Medicines Agency’s award in laser medicine, and the optics and laser organization SPIE’s highest reward; its gold medal. Katarina is a board member of the Lund Laser Center and has served since 1993, first as director and now as chairman of the board of Lund University Medical Laser Center.

Cardeon offers financing to Nordic innovative companies / startups in Life Science with the potential to change the global market. The portfolio includes companies such as SpectraCure, Lumito and Prolight Diagnostics.