Cardeon’s strategy for increasing value in Life Sciences


Cardeon offers funding to innovative and promising Nordic companies in Life Sciences, with the potential to change the global market.

Product identification & packaging

Our team helps with product identification and positioning and market positioning. The company is structured for scaling.

Structure, Board & management

We use our networks to connect the right people and to help us access technical competence, advisors, facilitate global reach and to open doors to international expansion.

Proof of concept, IPO & Exit

We have proven expertise in synchronising resources across our companies according to need and to support successful growth, with the aim of reaching strategic sales or IPO.

Cardeon is in a unique position. Numerous investment opportunities are presented to us every week. This is in large part thanks to Masoud Khayyamis’ network in and around the University of Lund as well as successful cases of taking innovations/research from a research stage to a commercial product in the shape of a listed company. We choose companies with the highest market potential and biggest chance of success. When we’ve chosen a company, we provide the best possible conditions for success by assisting with capital, structure and exceptional expertise. Cardeon invests in both listed and unlisted companies.